Yves Kervoelen

Yves Kervoelen

Albertville, FR



My outgoing persona and the fluency of three languages –French, English and Spanish- makes me a voluble character. Accompanied by a sense of justice, a leadership inheri- tance and a belief for honest critic, I am easily seen as a spokesperson. My travelling experiences added to a constant curiosity enforced a sense of exploration and a be- lief to greener pastures. Those journeys reinforced the ability to act effectively upon problems, to explore alternative routes as solutions and to calmly respond to stress.     

The numerous work experiences I had: not only widen my range of abilities and broaden my qualifications but also opened me the doors to different social systems. Thanks to working as part of large-scale organisations as much as with local independent shop owners, I had learned how to manage finances, stock-orders, client’s requests, and personal agendas.

Thanks to the wide range of industries I have worked with I had been learning on branding, funding, byelaws, and management matters. The diversity of clients I encountered throughout my career helped me targeting different audiences. My various interests for arts, crafts and design related subjects are easily visible in my approach to architecture.

From origami to innovative tartan making techniques, material research and free-thinking approaches I am an ingenious and hard working character. Interested in performative architecture, design processes, architecture in literature, self-identity, graphic design and collaborative enterprises; I am looking to work for a cosmopolite and creative practice.

If I am not replying to your phone calls, emails or postcards it’s because I am trying on a new chocolate cake recipe, knitting my 3 meter long winter scarf or spending too much time tumblering the words architecture, interior, crafts and illuctration or checking the latest video on vimeo. I might as well be reading a large interesting fat book, warmly tucked on my new vintage sofa. When I could as well be sorting out my flat, moving it all again for newer ventures with my actively social lifestyle. Or it is  simply because I went travelling some place far far away (these days being most likely the end of my street).

If a journalist would ask me: “And then, what’s next?” I would most likely reply something along the lines: “Well, My futuristic ambitions are numerous. And apart from wanting to try all the chocolate cakes in the world; I would very much like to be part of a multi-ethnic and creative design firm. I would enjoy working on small and large-scale projects of all sorts, widely spread across the globe. Aiming to design my own Serpentine Pavilion; that would be a big bonus. As much as participating in worldwide exhibitions and curating Harvey Nichols windows. Design- ing some iconic products along the way, of course... But nothing to fancy cause so far: only The World is my Oyster.”




University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, Canterbury, GB, BArch, Honours Full-Time

Sep 2009 - Jul 2012

Areas of Specialization