Yi-yen Wang

Yi-yen Wang

Temple City, CA, US



I am keenly interested in this position at Junior Architecture and Urban Designer and strongly believe that I can carry out all

associated job responsibilities with excellence, and bring in new innovative ideas to your company.

I am to receive my M.S. in Architectural and Urban Design from the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation

(GSAPP) at Columbia University in 2016. I am particularly enthusiastic about the field of sustainable and livable community

planning and green building initiatives in city management. While working at COSMOS Company in Taiwan, I explored urban

change and city characteristics. By analyzing urban contexts with environmental conditions such wind circulation and regional

vegetation, we can create a more comfortable and easily manageable urban layout. Through multiple projects I developed my

ability to effectively manage the scale of different land use. More importantly, I enhanced my communication skills to help

public and private interest groups collaborate in developing viable solutions such as using private sites to conduct public

construction. Through client interactions, studying the real estate market, and understanding the complex fabric of urban

society, I discovered that a “Green City” is both achievable and essential for our quality of life. My capacity for creative thinking,

adaptive awareness and problem-solving have enabled me to combine abstract concepts with a practical awareness to assess

conditions, propose changes and manage projects such as the Regulation Study for Appropriate Housing in the Fuzhou Region

where we not only improved the physical urban infrastructure, but also developed “soft” infrastructure that united individuals

through a sense of community.

For five years of educational and professional experiences that include three and half years of urban planning and design

training, I have developed a repertoire that encompasses robust mentality, analytical prowess, negotiation skills, teamwork, and

problem-solving capabilities on a global perspective. As I venture further into the architecture profession, I am intrigued to

understand how we can develop a city network that is sustainable in terms of structures, usability, and aesthetics while giving

an urban environment its vibrancy.

Ultimately, my future goal is to devise ways of revitalizing blighted urban areas and rebuilding user-friendly public spaces. The

world is evolving with environmental complexity, continuous replacement of structures through ongoing development, and

special fragmentation, to better understand how to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles, I must also evolve.



Click to edit company nameCosmos International Inc. Planning & Design Consultants, Taipei, TW, Urban Designer

• Proposed concepts for land use, air circulation, and site analysis.
• Developed strategies for urban design, urban master plan, and detailed layout plans.
• Focused on urban analysis, master plan drawing project management, principles of urban design, client relations, and architecture drawings.
• Accomplished the following projects:
 The Former Taichung Airport Site Redevelopment Planning, Taichung, Taiwan (2012)
 2016 World Design Capital-Taipei City Prospect Planning (2012)
 Conceptual Master Plan for Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental District,
Fujian Province, China (2011)
 Kaohsiung Railway Underground Project (2010)
 Urban Design Regulation Study for Appropriate Housing in the Fuzhou Region (2010)
 Taipei Eco Corridor Investigation, Planning and Urban Design Plan (2010)

May 2010 - Jul 2013

C. P. HSUEH ARCHITECT, Taipei, TW, Designer

• Assisted in preparing construction drawings across the floor plan and cross section.
• Calculated the floor plan to fit required standards.

Sep 2009 - Jan 2010


Columbia University, New York, NY, US, Masters, architecture and urban design

Jun 2015 - May 2016

Tamkang University, Taipei, TW, BArch, Architecture Design

Sep 2004 - Jun 2009

Areas of Specialization