Ying Zheng

Ying Zheng

New York, NY, US


Kaleidoscope --- Unexpected City Life

     This project is named “Kaleidoscope” to explore the unexpected but familiar interwoven out of multiple urban experiences. It is a surrealistic experience in daily life.  The program is a grocery store with a series of urban facilities in four blocks located at the crossing between S Jefferson and Cherokee St in south St.Louis.  The “Kaleidoscope” is used as a method to link the various layers of city activities through different transparencies and reflections. The “Kaleidoscope” for the urban design in these four blocks is invisible. It is based on a projection of existing buildings and void spaces to suture the context, including parking, horizontal and vertical green space, buildings and resting spaces with benches. For the grocery store, the “Kaleidoscope” is a visible phenomenon. There are two glass clusters of kaleidoscopes around two interfaces that come from contextual clues – an urban interface and a garden interface.  The typical deep storefront creates an extended zone of vision between inside inhabitant and entering customers. The garden entry is inspired by the strange vertical landscape in the existing context. The new urban interface creates an extension of street to strengthen the visual interaction, and makes the “street fronts” inside the grocery store. The garden interface provides an opportunity to explore the unexpected cityscape inside the everyday program by juxtaposing produce with fruit trees and circulations to the upper level. The whole project is a surrealistic montage of everyday city life and the unexpected, weird but beautiful cityscape. 

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Status: School Project
Location: St.Louis, MO, US
My Role: Solo Work