Fangye Luo

Fangye Luo

New York, NY, US


Cracks: Market Complex Design for Revitalizing the Old City District

Individual Project, 2020 (4th Year of Undergraduate Study)

Academic Project  Course: Comprehensive Architectural Design    

Instructor: Changzhou Liu   Location: Shanghai

Software: Rhino, Enscape, Illustrator and Photoshop

How to interpret linewidth? When there is a distance between layers to form depth, will it form an outline in the next step? 

From my perspective, the closed space formed when layers overlap and interlock could be used. This space will become a unique path, interspersing with the traditional column grid structure and expanding without restraint.

The 1933, a creative center in Shanghai, has been gradually ignored. Perhaps a smart architecture besides this old building can activate this block and even attract people again. This architecture should have certain complex functional composition, containing both practical and novel parts, attracting people here in various demands.

Consequently, I intended to to build a multifunctional building with market as the main function here, and this building is further endowed with cultural and technological significance. People can not only buy the daily necessities, plants, flowers and vegetables they want, but also can explore advanced cultivation methods for various plants, such as symbiotic relationships with fish or soilless cultivation. Additionally, at the seed library, one can access information related to specimens. Furthermore, amidst the abundance of greenery and considering the thriving textile industry around Shanghai, individuals can tour the traditional and modern production processes of turning plants into fabrics in the dyeing and weaving area, actively engaging in DIY creation. This is an educational and recreational commercial venue.

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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN