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Yang Chen

New York, NY, US

ULI Board
ULI Board

Loopolis - ULI Urban Design Competition 2013

LOOPolis is about completion, connectivity, and community. It’s about transforming an undeveloped expanse at the edge of downtown into a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood; a sea of parking lots into a model of walkability and bike-ability; a region with no identity into a lively community pulsing with young families, young professionals, and still-young retirees. It’s about honoring past visions for a complete downtown, for a continuous greenway circling the city, for new centers of opportunity for families, businesses, and college graduates, while envisioning anew and closing the loop on what Downtown Minneapolis could become.
Central to our vision is a desire to complete the urban core.
·   Over 10 years we would add 2,800 residential units, a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and condominiums geared mainly toward young families and working professionals, with an aim to bring all-hours activity to downtown.
·   Ground-level retail, including a mid-sized supermarket, would further support street life.
·   A 7-acre public plaza adjacent to the stadium would serve as the centerpiece of LOOPolis, its sloping pavilion featuring sledding in the winter, grass sliding in the summer, and festivals year-round.
·   New class-A office space – 900,000 square feet by 2023 – would balance the mix of uses and reinforce that Downtown West is an extension of, rather than an addendum to, the urban core.
LOOPolis  also  builds  and  supports  natural  connections  by  creating  proper  links  between
·   South 5th Street, featuring a new concert hall at the Minneapolis Armory and a 200-room hotel across the street, will provide a gateway from the Central Business District to the new Vikings stadium.
·   Portland Avenue, with widened sidewalks and an extra bike lane, will serve as a green boulevard from Elliot Park to the Mill District, and connect to the Grand Round, Minneapolis’ ambitious continuous greenway plan.
·   A 300,000-square-foot workforce center and 75,000-square-foot recreation center, both on Chicago Avenue, will draw visitors from across the region, including the University of Minnesota, leveraging connections that will strengthen with the opening of the Green Line LRT.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US
My Role: help develop concepts and organize tasks; master plan, aerial view, section rendering; LEED Building
Additional Credits: Jia Li, Bret Collazzi, Man Su, Qianqian Ye