Yan Zhuang

Yan Zhuang

New York, NY, US


Speculations on Superblock for Urban Densification

Project: Art Center 
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Critic: Ferda Kolatan & Hart Marlow
Year: 2017

Hyperdense buildings today are discovered to lack of sense of social coherence. They are seen as generic, uniform and disconnected superblocks or high-rise towers. Culture is a connector to make the community closer together in a hyperdense environment. To maximize the urgent need of housing, the exterior of the superblock is all normal housing units. The interior becomes nature landscaped parks, cultural centers, offices, sports fields, and auditoriums. Large void sky openings allow light and air to come through the superblock and enable people to enjoy their lives.

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Status: School Project
Location: Dumbo,Brooklyn
My Role: Designer