Yanli Xiong

Yanli Xiong

Milpitas, CA, US



Misojyu is a small onigiri restaurant in Asakusa. Opening in June of 2018, the timeline of the project from initial site visit to opening spanned 3 months.

On the first floor, everything was removed out except for the stone and concrete flooring. A custom counter and bench replaced old barstools and tatami seating. The interior walls were finished in white, opening up the space and making it feel larger and more inviting. We modernized the facade with clean geometries and incorporated traditional Japanese textures like plaster and warm wood.

On the second floor, hardwood flooring replaced the worn tatami mats. Old plaster walls were repaired and refinished and an elegant lighting plan featuring Japanese hand-blown glass pendant lights was implemented. The calligraphy featured on the walls were drawn by the owner and renowned artist, Takeda Souun.

I was in charge of architectural and interior design, including the new facade, first floor furniture, and lighting plan.

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Status: Built
Location: Tokyo, JP
My Role: Architectural Designer
Additional Credits: Design Office Sukimono