XT architecture studio

XT architecture studio

Ioánnina, GR


Vacation House

Location: Fortosi, Ioannina, Greece, 2009

area: 80m2
extension area: 30m2
site area: 3050m2

The quality of architectural creation does not depend on the size or the name of the architecture.  High architecture finds its place even in the smallest spatial issue, even in the most distant geographic position. All we have to do is to introduce to the equalization of the architectural composition the imponderable vector of sensibility.
The present study concerns on the designing of a country house at Fortosi, Ioannina. Fortosi is a mountainous cohesive residential complex  with a strong character of traditional architecture. The distant position of the village rewards it with a scenery of irresistible natural beauty, offered by the forests of oaks and wild chestnuts. The house itself is based at a three acres plot with ideal orientation and preferential view.
The intention of the owner was the restoration of the destroyed house and its proper formation so as to be able to accommodate six individuals comfortably. Thus the building is not a main residence but the adaptation of all the accommodation needs in a total living experience. The main components of this experience, at which the architectural composition  aims, are the incorporation into the natural landscape and the constant dialectical relationship with its materials.
The building’s total surface is 80 sqm and its main structural component is stone that is not covered with masonry. The compact stone walls form terrace, in which an extension of two spatially independent units from oxidized steel is based. The two oxidized cubes are the bedrooms and communicate with the stay space occupying a 30 sqm surface.
The interior of the old house is formed as one room, without permanent separable panels. Space management is based on the use of curtains wherever and whenever it is necessary. The fireplace dominates in the interior of the old residence, while the floor is wooden aiming at the formation of an atmosphere based on the warmth of natural materials. 
The entire house ages following the rhythms of its materials. In this way it is changed into an evolving spatial entity, which denies the artifices of modern materials. Following the example of its environment, it develops, it matures, it ignores the sterile eternity and it prefers the beauty of wear that nature offers.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Ioánnina, GR