Xiaobai Zhao

Xiaobai Zhao

Ithaca, NY, US


Building Industry

n many places in the world much of the past life and culture of places disappear with little or no trace. This has been especially true in the rapid change that comes with industrialization.

Although the physical traces are not preserved, we believe these past life and culture, as part of our heritage are worth to be memorized and celebrated.
Our project attempts to memorialize history in places that are lack of physical record of the history. We use Syracuse and its significant industries and infrastructure, Erie Boulevard, as a case to test our strategies for the memorization of culture heritage. By identifying the tangible and intangible aspects of salt, air, and text, we created a series of spaces that convey the essence of Syracuse industrial cultural heritage. In this way, we are capable of connecting tangible and intangible through the memorials we designed, and providing the city a showcase of industrial heritage along the past and existing urban transportation infrastructure.

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Status: School Project
Location: Syracuse, NY, US
My Role: Primary Designer
Additional Credits: Partner with Weibin Lao