weiyi tan

weiyi tan

Torrance, CA, US



Dear Application viewers
In my early age, I love to play Lego, because I was fascinated in process of comparing shape and color of Lego`s pieces, and I would be super happy if I could build something like buildings, transportations or weapons. Later, I was fascinated by many styles of modern architecture, because it looks really aesthetic and functional. Years of learning and practicing in architecture, it has guided me to re-think and question what architecture means more and what are the roles of being an architect. So far, I am still seeking for the answer, but I do believe that architecture which is always the ultimate leading and changing the world. Now I am doing my thesis project, which is redefinition of door/threshold base on the research of Marcel Duchamp`s works. This challenging me to being even more critical into a general architectural component of how and why we are living the world like this and what can I do to improve it.
I have had two architectural internships and few competitions including 2013 solar decathlon. There is no doubt of contributing own knowledge and skills, because teamwork is priority. My method of design process is to through an analysis, a clear organization and a personal point of view, to elaborate architectonic schemes based in: an in-depth study of the program, a creative exploration in the spatial relation of the functions, the integral use of the natural light and the character of the materials, etc.
I know any of great position which is very competitive, but I guarantee that you will not regret having me to be one of your big family, because rather than having all the software skills to produce drawings, I also have some knowledge of computer programming and non-stop passion of exploring what architecture will be next generation.  I would welcome a telephone/personal interview, at your earliest convenience.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Best regards
Weiyi Keven Tan



STIR Architecture, Los Angeles, CA, US, Project Architect

The project was launched back to 2008 in NanJing China, and was divided in to several parcels. Parcel C was completed and already in use now. Currently we are working on the main parcel A which is consisted by two office buildings, one is 58 stories and 16 stories, surround by a 6 stories of retail podium and with a sunken plaza at center for people gathering and special events.
My role and responsibility is to do architectural drawings such as Plan, Section, Elevation…etc in general, and prepare PDF presentation packages in order to review with clients/developers. Since I was sent to support our Shanghai Team, attend all kinds of local consultant meeting for coordination back and force between our LA team and SHA team. Start management practice at SHA office to organize daily drawing transferring, assign works to our local assistant architect in order to solve code issues. Since dealing with client and get pay on time at each phase period, I also would help my boss to prepare project records for him to “battle” with clients.

Jun 2014 - current

Gruen Associates, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Design Assistant

Mainly worked in Retail team / Worked on interior construction documents for Swatch.
Partially worked in Architecture team / Worked on 3D modeling & Rendering for Maimonides Academy (Los Angeles. CA).

May 2013 - Aug 2013

USC - Architecture Studio/ Solar Decathlon, Los Angeles, CA, US, Architectural Designer

Responsible for the building skin, representation media and physical modeling.

Jan 2013 - Jun 2013

UDG - Office, Shanghai, Shanghai, CN, Architectural Design Assistant

Mainly worked in residential team / Woked on building construction documents (mainly underground parking) & Involved conceptual designs for Landsea and Hisense.

May 2012 - Aug 2012


University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, CA, US, BArch, architecture

Sep 2009 - May 2014


Student Building Design Competition - National Concrete Masonry Association, Honorable Mention


Drawing Achievement - Grade 8 of Gouache, Other


Areas of Specialization