William Bingham

William Bingham

Albuquerque, NM, US


Benghazi Mutipurpose Hall

Benghazi Multi-purpose Hall, Benghazi, Libya – design team leader, responsible for organizing the master planning, and architectural design process.

Standing prominently on the shore of the Gulf of Sidra, the Benghazi Multi-purpose Hall will be a dynamic form that offers a welcoming presence to both visitors and citizens of Benghazi – making a proud statement.  The Hall is to be sited south of the city on a slightly elevated plinth that offers a magnificent view of the Mediterranean. It is a glass vessel of pure geometry that contains a Pearl within it.  This Pearl resides on an elevated plinth and it contains a large space within that can accommodate gatherings as large as 2500 people.  The Pearl is a lustrous jewel of silvery metal that is opalescent in finish – a gem that has come up from the sea. Surrounding the Pearl, within the glass enclosure, is an encircling space that serves many functions and purposes – displays, pre and post function activities, tea and juice bars, and informal lounge areas.  On the lower level, there are additional meeting rooms and restaurant areas that open up to a landscaped plaza that contains water features and landscape elements.  The Benghazi Multi-purpose Hall has been designed to serve as a gathering place that brings together the people of Benghazi, and invites visitors to meet and celebrate the progressive culture of the city.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Benghazi, LY