New York, NY


Iridescent Reveal

This Upper East Side home was designed to fit a modern family’s lifestyle today and to adjust as they evolve into their tomorrow. The entry conveniently falls at the center, dividing public from private and acts as a nerve center for all of the home’s activities. The flexible layout allows the owners to entertain in open living space while simultaneously isolating other spaces that they want to remain private. While each room is energized by a different color story, a continuous white-gray canvas of stone, wood, and metallic finishes make their way throughout the home to define a cohesive mise-en-scène for this glamorous modern nest.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY
Firm Role: Design, Interior Design
Additional Credits: Interior Designer: workshop/apd
Design Team: Andrew Kotchen; Matthew Berman; Brook Quach;
Leslie Degler; Kristyn Bock; Marc Houston;
General Contractor: S. Donadic
Photography: T.G. Olcott