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Bowstring Truss House


This private residence and studio was adapted from a 5,000 sf former warehouse and auto repair shop. The space is clear spanned by a series of four bow-string trusses and exposed roof framing. The goal of the design was to maintain the vast trussed ceiling and the open floor plane, while inserting a standard residential program that the clients could live among. The design manages both scales simultaneously: a sense of the expanse of the entire structure as well as scaled discrete living areas. A new environment; a simplified terrain between earth and sky.  The functionality of the house flows lucidly. A free pattern of new skylights create a constellation of light and discrete pools of sun. At the center of the house, the groundscape and the roofscape align to form a central courtyard—a vitrine of nature, and a vessel to capture the elusive Pacific Northwest light.

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Status: Built
Location: Portland, OR, US