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Interior Design studio engages local community

Sean Joyner
Jul 23, '21 11:39 AM EST
Stuzo Clothing, one of the small business partners the students worked with.
Stuzo Clothing, one of the small business partners the students worked with.

This Spring, 6 undergraduate students, 2 master’s students, 2 professors, and 1 graphic designer in the Interior Design department have been working with 7 small business owners on Washington Blvd in LA in an exciting community-focused studio called INSIDE/OUT.

The group partnered with businesses including Stuzo Clothing, founded and run by Stony Michelli Love; Amazing Piñatas, founded back in 2010; Sankofa Boutique & Gifts, run by Monica Essandoh; and more. Students began with research and analysis, meeting with business owners and studying several spatial possibilities for the existing conditions of their assigned site. Next, the studio engaged in the design phase before moving to conceptualization and further refining their designs. The class culminated in an exhibition and presentation to peers, academics, professionals, and some of the business owners themselves.

Currently, Lara Hoad and Todd Erlandson, the two professors who led the course, are working with the city of Los Angeles to potentially build the proposed work.

Learn more at the INSIDE/OUT Studio website.