Ke Wang

Ke Wang

San Gabriel, CA, US





315 E Broadway, Apt 309

San Gabriel, CA91776

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    2013-2015    Southern California Institute of Architecture, USA

    Master of Architecture II


    2006-2011       Shenzhen University, China

    Bachelor of Architecture




2014.06-2014.08     China Office of Aube Conception SARL d'Architecture France, Shenzhen, China

    •The Greentown • Shenzhen Pingshan SME Headquarters Base Architectural Design Competition           Competition / 1st

    -Researched precedents / Built 3D&physical models / Produced all of diagrams / Participated in animation / Final booklet layout


2012.04-2012.06     Z-studio, Zhubo Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

    •Administrative Office Building of South University Of Science And Technology Of China                         Educational / Built

    -Produced section drawings / Photoshop

    •Yalong Bay Headquarters of COFCO                                                                     

    -Built 3D models

    •Shenzhen Funeral Parlor                                                                                                   

    -Researched precedents / Built 3D models / Produced all of diagrams / Participated in animation / Produced renderings / Photoshop


2010.03-2010.10     Nhy Architectural Engineering Design Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China

    •Lianyugang Commercial Pedestrian Street                                                                     

    -Built 3D&physical models / Produced diagrams / Final booklet layout

    •Daocheng Hotspring Resort                                                                                                  

    -Responsible for parametric design / Built 3D&physical models / Produced diagrams / Final booklet layout

    •Guangxi Songyu Residence                                                                                               

    -Team leader / Scheduled project timetable / Allocated tasks to the team / Worked on parametric facade design / Produced diagrams/ Final booklet layout




Advanced:       Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Rendering, Office

Intermediate:    Revit, AutoCAD, Zbrush, SketchUp, Ecotect, InDesign, Model Making

Knowledge of:  Processing, Python, 3Ds Max

Language:       Mandarin, English, Contonese




2010.07   City Research, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China

•     Gained knowledge of formation and development of the ancient city

•     Researched the relationship between commercial distribution and city development


2009.07   Urban Cognition, Beijing, China

•     Visited and observed emerging buildings, especially Olympic buildings

•     Investigated the harmony and symbiosis between old and new buildings


2008.07   Art Practice, Hongcun, Anhui Province, China

•     Analyzed the characteristic of Huizhou architecture

•     Painted Huizhou architecture with pens and watercolors


Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), Los Angeles, CA, US, MArch, M.Arch II

Sep 2013 - Sep 2015

Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, CN, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2006 - Jul 2011

Areas of Specialization