Winston Wolf

Winston Wolf

Saint Louis, MO, US


The Underground

The Underground is an extremely experiential project, focusing on enhancing the surreal feeling of the site, which is the top of an abandoned water reservoir on the tallest hill in the middle of Manhattan, KS. As a visitor travels into the structure, the lichen like concrete cells attach themselves to the sculptural stones and rise above head level, creating a pavilion. The structure is meant to evoke an eerie feeling for anyone who explores the site.

Parametric Design

The entire structure was designed and modeled using parametric design tools. An algorithm was created to execute a set of rules. A voronoi pattern was used to create the base, various cells were then extruded and morphed into concrete columns. An imaginary surface was created to continue the slope of the hill surrounding the site. Any of the concrete columns that puncture this artificial slope start to grow licken-like cells. This creates the feeling of the earth rising around any visitor that travels into the structure.

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Status: Unbuilt
My Role: Designer