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Allen`s Crossing, ULI Gerald D Hines UD Competition

Allen`s Crossing, north boundary of Houston Downtown, locates right
next to the initial area of the city, Allen`s Landing. As it is undeveloped
and as border space is thought to aff ord the connection from downtown
to the suburban Houston, the site enjoys so much importance rather than
a post offi ce of status quo. Further, according to the high speed rail plan,
Allen`s crossing can be a good place of high speed rail station, connecting
with other cities in the Texas Triangle, as a mega regional anchor. Besides
the general challenges mentioned in early part, the problem as it shows
in the picture, because of the relative low level, and the absence of
management to Buffalo Bayou, Allen`s Crossing as well as the landing
point undertake risks of fl ood.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Houston, TX, US
My Role: Analysis, Concept, Chief Urban Designer, Graphic
Additional Credits: Colaborator: Enying XING, Evis BUSHI