Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson

Manchester, GB



The project is imagined in future Berlin, with a new direction for German politics which encourages the mass participation of the people. The proposition delves between Berlin’s turbulent historical ideologies and aims to influence political action through the arts of observation, conversation and participation.

Through the encouragement of political activity amongst the everyday people of Berlin, issues are stimulated up the political agenda in a legal fashion, instead of through potentially damaging illegal activity which removes the integrity of the debate. 

The Volkspalast is a mixed use commercial and residential building, designed within the existing envelope of the new rebuilt Berlin City Palace. The Palace was rebuilt against the will of many of the citizens of Berlin and the programme selected for the building featured a museum for the artwork which was looted by the former Prussian Empire; suggesting a controversial symbolism and questioning what this striking architectural icon would be representing.

This project proposes a new programme for the building which combines the theories behind the popular Palast der Republik which once adorned the site, with a variety of shopping, eating and study spaces combined with a residential element aimed to target the current housing crisis. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Berlin, DE