Kurt West

Kurt West

Raleigh, NC, US



Untitled is a response to a call for proposals for an art installation at the new Summit County Library in Coleville, Utah. This design incorporates nearly 1,500 3x3x3” wood “pyramids” made of leftover and found plywood, most of which would be sourced locally and donated by the library’s patrons, and later fabricated on site.

The rules guiding the fabrication process are simple and consistent: laminate 4 pieces of plywood at random; cut into cubes; then cut each cube at 30 degree angles on 4 sides to achieve pyramid shape. Through this blind process of making I wouldn't be unable to fully anticipate the character of each block and how it relates to another block until after the wood is shaped. The results from cutting will reveal a variety of wood grains juxtaposed, signs of decay, and varieties in wood color. Multiply this effect by 1,536 and almost every block will be unique. They will have their own story, to be discovered again: "Look mom, that piece of wood came from our old fence down on Center Street."

Each block will be affixed to a structural MDF panel. All (4) panels will be fastened to a series of horizontal cleats that are screwed into the adjacent wall. A select amount of pyramid blocks will be removable which will provide access to the screws that attach the artwork to the cleats.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Coleville, UT
My Role: Designer