Wendell Burnette Architects

Wendell Burnette Architects

Phoenix, AZ


Field House

Akin to many constructed objects in the agrarian landscape, such as neighboring silos, the 5,000 square foot house is a single box clad in a zinc galvanized metal skin.  Taking cues from an old farm nearby, this simple form sets its back against an existing mature tree line at the upper northwest corner of the site to buffer the harsh and predominantly northwest winter winds.  In turn, the south and east walls open up to harness the sun’s warmth in winter months and capture the preserved aspect of the crop field and bird sanctuary beyond.  Its apparent simplicity is articulated by specific moments of experience. These encompass notions of the house as a tunable instrument – to connect to – and – be responsive to – our environment and range from compression-release, to intimate conversations by the warmth of fire, to a morning coffee in the sun, to a gallery of “the art and books of a lifetime”, to a silo ladder that ascends to a secret roof-top observatory whose geometry radiates to the heavens.

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Status: Built
Location: Wisconsin, US
Firm Role: Design Architect / Principal Architect
Additional Credits: Bill Timmerman photographs