WENA Western Europe New Architecture

WENA Western Europe New Architecture

Shanghai, CN | Madrid, ES

General view
General view

Olympic Park in Zhangzhou, 2011. Zhangzhou, Guandong, China. (0128)

Province: Guandong (South of China)
Area: 936000 Sqm
Budget: 748.800.000 €
Restricted Competition
A frame with clear directionality toward the Jiulong River directs the disposition of the buildings. The design adds value to its riverside landscape and offers spectacular views of either day or night. This is a beautiful park that houses all types of sporting events. The use of recyclable materials, the use of water resources and landscape protection allows for minimal impact of the built footprint.

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Status: Built
Location: Zhangzhou, CN
Additional Credits: In colaboration with Shanghai Sainasia Architecture Design Consultant Co. Ltd.