wei pan

wei pan

Milwaukee, WI, US


Discovery Winery

What makes a winery different from other facilities which also produce products?

It’s the unique process of wine making and the fabulous products. As our wine manual shows its relationship to history, terroir( soil, geography, climate), equipment, barrels…… I treat the winery as a living wine museum or library, the loop circulation in my design intends to integrate all these programs. Based on different seasons, emphasizing distinctive stages of the wine making process. Moreover, corresponding to climate change, three different tasting rooms located on the site, providing distinctive view to the visitors and vintner, combining with different programs e.g. blending process in spring, crushing in summer, barrels storage in winter. Small yards in my design will be used as Fresh Outdoor Air Resources to bring natural flavor from terroir to the inside wine making spaces.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Napa Valley, CA