Wei Xia

Wei Xia

Ann Arbor, MI, US


Hangzhou NO. 2 School of Future Sci-Tech City

The project of Yuhang NO.2 School consists of a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school. The design is inspired by a random impromptu child drawing that depicts his ideal school which is like a small town full of small scale spaces and “happy” streets.Based on this inspiration, the design divided the 8000-sqm campus into 15 much smaller scale gabled volume. The scale of each volume gradually increases according to the growth of children’s age and the variation in their behaviors.. A comfortable campus environment is formed by small inner courtyards within and among these volumes. Exposed stairs and corridors shaped dynamically are not only designed for circulation, but also for plenty of activity spaces. Under the gabled roofs are various common areas particularly designed for different types of gatherings, communications and social activities. As a mini society, the school enables students to build their own social consciousness with daily experience.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Hangzhou, CN
My Role: Schematic design & Design Development / Digital modeling / Diagrams / Rendering
Additional Credits: Project Team: RUAN Hao, CHEN Wenbin, YIN Yong, WU Shiyang, XIA Wei

Architect of Record: Zhejiang Province Institute of Architecture Design and Research