Waechter Architecture

Waechter Architecture

Portland, OR


Oakley House

A pre-existing 28’ x 28’ foundation was used as a starting point for the Oakley House.  Maintaining this foundation was the lender’s requirement for a cost effective renovation loan.  Using this footprint constraint, the house was built anew on top of this existing foundation. 


To accommodate 4 bedrooms the second story cantilevers out in the front and back of the house, providing the upstairs with adequate room while simultaneously creating covered outdoor space on both ends.  From the side elevation, the house profile takes on the form of a “T.”


The dark corrugated cladding is a continuous, uninterrupted surface punctuated only by the window openings and porches.  The porch walls and ceiling are made of painted white MDO panels giving the impression that they have been “carved out” of a pure rectangular block.


The ground level living space is envisioned as a wooden “container.”  Floor, windows and walls are all made of maple, giving a simple and concise definition to the living space volume.  Centered in the room is a free standing bookshelf dividing the living and dining realms.  On the north wall an opening in the wood paneling reveals a stairway leading to the bedrooms.  

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Status: Built
Location: Portland, OR
Additional Credits: Photographer: Lara Swimmer