VolvoxLabs [VVOX]

VolvoxLabs [VVOX]

Brooklyn, NY


The Beach: Robotic Performance

VVOX collaborated with artist Roy Nachum to conceptualize and design a performance using an industrial robotic arm as a medium for a deeper artistic message. 

"The Robot “arm” synthesizes humanity and technology, holding within it an astonishing range of capabilities. A conduit for the artistic process while demonstrating the evolving relationship between humans and automation."


To create the experience our team built a custom system to control and launch various KUKA programs throughout the 8-hour day performances.

We used TouchDesigner to create a playlist and robot control logic allowing us to input, swap, and launch KUKA programs outside of the KRC.

The artwork is currently on view at Mercer Labs in NYC.


Within this thoughtfully curated installation, the Robot seamlessly adopts the persona of the artist’s alter-ego, skillfully navigating through a diverse array of human emotions amidst the immersive presence of natural elements.

During the performance, the robot assumes a multitude of roles, engaging in human-like interactions, inscribing messages in the sand, and skillfully replicating natural elements to seemingly “wash” away the intricate patterns etched in the sand.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Design / Build / Progam / Installation
Additional Credits: Roy Nachum / Mercer Labs

The Beach: Robotic Performance