Vishal Amler

Vishal Amler

New York, NY, US

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Architect and Urban Designer.

Innovation and knowledge have been the key driving force for the last 12 years as I gained a substantial part of my work experience working with relentless mentors who taught me there is always more to learn. The work experience I gained in the past years reflects the diversity of roles I could perform in various offices.

My experience involves working with reputed firms in India, such as RSP, a Singapore-based design Studio, Abaxial Architects, a bespoke design studio & GEMS Education, one of the largest K-12 education providers across the world. Each requires a different skill-set for the role. At Abaxial and RSP, I gained creative design and production drawings skills, while GEMS education provided an opportunity to lead the client-side design management.



Pastel Spaces, Gurgaon, IN, Proprietor

Leading a turnkey consultancy team for clients such as GEMS INDIA, Medhaam Schools, Technopac Consultants, NIIT, Stanza living, NeDe Design Studio, Saeloun LLC, Big Binary & Nota Company.

Sep 2018 - Aug 2021

Gems Education, Gurgaon, IN, Senior Design Manager

Gems Education is one of the world's largest K-12 Education providers with corporate offices across the UAE, the UK, and India. Being a part of the design management team involved various managerial duties coordinating the communications between various interdisciplinary internal verticals such as education, finance, procurement, marketing, and engineering. This role provided an opportunity to be a part of a large-scale operation of construction design management. It involved the appointment of consulting designers and the in-house design team to manage small-scale projects. The design coordination was carried out between PMCs, Design consultants, project engineers, vendors, and onsite teams. The Program involved the identification of proposed sites for projects and analyzing the viability of projects based on capital costs and operational costs as well as the expected business efficiency by understanding the demographics of the focus area. Proposals from consultants were peer-reviewed and approved, after which the daily operations of design documentation and quality assurance for drawings were followed till the end of the design cycle.

During this time, the key skills achieved were creative solutions to Design Development, Time Management, Cost Control, Quality Control, Design Management & Design Documentation.

Sep 2014 - Aug 2018

Abaxial Architects, New Delhi, IN, Senior Architect

Abaxial Architects is a small design studio based in New Delhi, India, focusing on small-scale projects with a few large-scale institutional and commercial projects in the northern part of India. The small team size in the office allowed each team to lead projects independently and coordinate efforts from the conceptual to the design development stages, as well as liaison and working drawings along with the Principal architects. The same team was also instrumental in leading the way for the on-site construction team. The overall efforts provided insightful gains in construction detailing and conflict resolution between design, services, and structural teams. The work experience gained at Abaxial helped me to develop my technical as well as design skills and helped me grow as a Senior Architect. The projects involved residential, commercial, retail, institutional, and exhibition spaces.

Jan 2012 - Sep 2014

RSP Design Consultants India Private Limited, Gurgaon, IN, Architect

RSP is a large corporate office branch of RSP Singapore, located in Gurgaon NCT Delhi. Here I worked on design development and conceptual stages along with construction drawings. This role helped me to hone my design drawing capabilities.

May 2010 - Dec 2011


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Masters, Urban Design

MS Urban Design Program from Pratt Institute Brooklyn NY.

Aug 2021 - Aug 2022

Aayojan School of Architecture, Jaipur, Jaipur City, IN, BArch, Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture Program

Jan 2008 - Dec 2012

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