Victor Coronel

Victor Coronel

Fort Lauderdale, FL, US


Auditorium of Miami

To approach this project I created a set of abstract drawings related to the final use of the building, an experimental laboratory, auditorium, and library located in the bay area of Miami, Florida. I studied Andrea Vesalius and his book on dissection of the body during the 16th Century. My drawing tells the story of the importance of the pineal gland from the philosophical of Rene Descartes. All in all, the pineal gland, the cosmos, the human being, the vision, and its connections with the one is encapsulated into a medieval-time wall. This analysis prepared the hierarchy of spaces and its connections between nature and being. The floor plans resemble this condition merging landscape with living spaces. The orientation of each major spaces are determined by the natural conditions like wind, views, ocean breeze and shadows.

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Status: School Project
Location: Miami, Florida
My Role: Auditorium