Varvara Domnenko

Varvara Domnenko

Brooklyn, NY, US


City Mall

Moscow City Mall green facade:

Situated in the very centre of Moscow City the City Mall represent the idea of public space objectified in the concept of green shell.

Main Features:

BUILDING PROTECTION The building’s life expectancy is increased, because it’s better protected from UV-rays, hail, acid rain and extreme temperature fluctuations

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Thermal insulating Green Roof build-ups with its insulating advantages are added to the conventional thermal insulation, saving significant air conditioning and heating costs.

CLEAN AIR The green roof’s breathing process distracts gasses and CO2 and SMOG from the air. Green roofs improve the microclimate by cooling and humidifying the surrounding air.

SOUND Due to the significant rise in soft surfaces of Green Roofs there is sound absorbation instead of sound reflection. The sound insulation of a building can be reduced up to 8 dB.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS Greenery within the build environment creates a healthier and more relaxed environment directly affecting our physical and mental health.

RECYCLE Rubber, polyethylene and expanded polystyrene are suitable for the production of drainage elements. Pure recycled clay bricks together with humus can provide the basis for roof planting soils.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Moscow, RU
My Role: 2D&3D concept, schematic design and research. Coordinated with structural, environmental, and visualization consultants.