Varun Gala

Varun Gala

Mumbai, IN


Design Dissertation- Re-imaging the Archive


Reimagining The Archives The current image of archival institutions and spaces as secretive and inaccessible bodies is quite contrary to their objective and purpose of being open repositories of information freely available to the public. A case in point being the ‘State Department of Archives’ which is essentially unknown to citizens and lies in a state of disrepair. To revamp its image among citizens would involve more than mere technological up gradation. Rewriting of its mission and redefining of its functions is needed.
Historical, theoretical and philosophical studies of archival collections, practices and institution helped define the new role for the archives, centered on the citizens involving research and public outreach. The physical manifestation of this mission i.e. the architectural built form is informed by the preceding studies, to create an environment of engagement for the public so as to involve them in the archival mission. The build form balances the strict programmatic and technical requirements involved in archival preservation and storage alongside with larger aspirations of being a symbolic public entity.

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Status: School Project
My Role: Architect