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Variable Projects

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Modular Variations - Prototype II

This full-scale wall prototype was constructed as part of the Modular Variations design studio taught by Adam Marcus at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture in spring 2013. The studio was part of an ongoing research project into role of variation in design and fabrication processes, with a focus on developing innovative approaches to reconfigurable and/or flexible formwork.

The wall prototype, installed on the exterior terrace of Ralph Rapson Hall at the University of Minnesota, is comprised of 66 structurally repetitive yet individually unique cast concrete modules. The modules were produced using custom designed, adjustable formwork with a flexible latex bladder that yielded variable apertures throughout the wall.

The work of the studio is documented in a digital publication that describes the project in detail and includes extensive process work.

Project page:
Studio publication:
Studio process blog:

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Status: Built
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US
Additional Credits: Modular Variations Design Studio
Bachelor of Design in Architecture Program, Spring 2013, University of Minnesota School of Architecture
Instructor: Adam Marcus
Students: Elizabeth Adler, Sam Anderson, Holly Hodkiewicz, Emmett Houlihan, Erik Jackson, Thomas Kuhl, Adam Lucking, Jonathan Meyer, Nick Mosser, Elliot Olney, Jorie Schmidt, Alicia Smith, Christine Stoffel, Christopher Tallman, Rythm Unnown, Sharanda Whittaker