VOLTOLINI architectures

VOLTOLINI architectures

Montreux, CH


Par-delà les nuages

In its current configuration, the apartment consists of several rooms alongside a corridor. Living areas are situated on the yard side and other rooms, without windows, on the other side.

The redesign plan was aimed at expanding the kitchen towards the living room in order to improve conviviality, increasing space and light while maintaining three bedrooms. The question of storage spaces should also be reconsidered.

The project is also aimed at reducing the depth of the rooms in order to gain more light.

A fourteen meters cabinet including storage spaces, a bathroom, a separate toilet and an office, contributes to the overall structure of the apartment.

This storage space redefines the spatiality of the entire place, while the drawing covering the cabinet across the apartment creates a dialogue with the major trees in the backyard.

The relation between the living room and the kitchen is defined by a four meters concrete worktop made on site, in an effort to merge a conviviality space with a functional environnement.

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Status: Built
Location: Paris, FR
Firm Role: Architect