Vanessa Kellen Xavier Couto

Vanessa Kellen Xavier Couto

Belo Horizonte, BR



Located in Belo Vale, MG - Brazil, this countryside house is settled on one of the very high spot of a mountain and to explore the best view all the openings are located in its front facade, that is also the best insolation. An open space accomodates all the common areas of the house while an corridor makes the transition for the intimate rooms. The different scales between this two section can be seen with the diferrent facades plans and  different ceiling high. All the structure was thought in eucalyptus round wooden pillars that gives the affective memories of the local old constructions and when combained with metal window frames has a modern touch in this 3769,5ft² house.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Belo Vale, BR
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Oficina da Casa Arquitetura e Paisagismo
José Eustáquio Machado de Paiva and Henrique Vianna