Toronto, ON, CA


Helsinki Guggenheim Museum

For the new Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, we focused on making a museum that would be transformative. The site is characterized by its proximity to the waterfront setting and Tahititornin Park. Our concept focuses on creating an extension of a park space towards to the waterfront by introducing a three-dimensional green landscape to be enjoyed all year round. It provides space like a park for people to enjoy and stroll around in various ways, allowing accessibility to art, performance and exhibition programs of the museum. This public zone is called the “green passage”, and the image is of a flourishing lush and strikingly beautiful green environment created by both passive and active techniques, architecture that features fully glazed walls and roof, engineered wood structures, living walls and green roof. It is a space that can build a community for healthy interaction between art and the public by essentially creating a “living” space that purifies the air you breathe while making a more sustainable, green environment. It enlivens and provide an amenity needed in Helsinki’s long winters. Turning the Guggenheim Helsinki Museum into an active and public forum, a profound social space to redefine museums in the future.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Helsinki, FI
Firm Role: Design Architect