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Hadohilljo, Jeju Townhouse

Korean Minimalism

As one of the nine provinces of South Korea, Jeju Island is unique. This oval-shaped volcanic island is the first place on in the world to obtain UNESCO designations in all three natural sciences (Triple Crown). The site, located in Hado-ri, is one of most preserved natural regions. Hado-ri stands in high relief to the rapid march of development on other parts of Jeju Island.

Recognizing that agriculture and society have coevolved for generations, there exists a shared desire to respectfully preserve Hado-ri. This proposal responds to this need of faithfully preserving both the environmental as well as cultural traditions.

The Town House must simultaneously coexist harmoniously with its natural surroundings, adapt to the contemporary lifestyle, and provide cultural continuity by purposefully weaving traditional and modern architectural ideas and methods into a rich tapestry. 

 The site is currently being utilized as farmland. Sloping towards the sea, the site is a gift of nature and an ideal location for residences. This village is composed of community center, 48 single residences, parks, and amenities. The idea of clustering simply shaped individual homes into a village, based on Korean Minimalism, creates a stage for life’s diverse activities, from outdoor living and socializing to contemplation and reflection. Pocket parks derive from ‘Madang’ wherein the traditional Korean house expands into larger, nesting scales. This narrative structure enriches one’s experience in time and place, in weather and seasons.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Jeju, S-Korea
Firm Role: Design Architect
Additional Credits: Client : DAEAE Development & Property
Design Architects : UNITEDLAB Associates LLC
Local Architects : Samsung Architects Inc., Gajung Architects Inc.
3D Rendering : Frontop
General Contractor : S5 Construction Co., Ltd.