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Rosemary A. McMonigal (B.Arch '81, BED '81) and Benjamin E. Awes (M.Arch '01) Receive 2013 AIA-MN Residential Architects Awards.

By Design at Minnesota
Apr 15, '13 5:05 PM EST

Rosemary A. McMonigal (B.Arch '81, BED '81) and Benjamin E. Awes (M.Arch '01) are recipients of the 2013 AIA-MN Residential Architects Awards.

McMonigal received the 2013 Architect of Distinction award. She is a principal at McMonigal Architects LLC and has been working with clients for over 29 years by helping them create houses individually tailored to their needs. She is known for creating homes that have efficient structure in health, livability, and energy efficiency.

The jury found her work to be very strong and expressive and admired her sensitivity to color, materials, light, and how she was able to work well within a small budget. McMonigal creates projects that show a "nice variety of work; continual emphasis on sustainability, whether the project was new construction or a remodel."

Awes received the 2013 Emerging Talent of the Year award. An architect and partner with CITYDESKSTUDIO Inc., Awes has 17 years of experience and is recognized for his broad range of work from modern architecture to historic preservation. He believes architecture must point to the future, but at the same time it is of today and gains its richness through a thorough understanding and exploration of its context - physically, historically, socially, and materially.

The jury remarked, "Awes' work elevates daily life through thoughtful design. Nice range of projects and interesting range of materials. He starts with the client to develop something unique to them. We were captivated by some very cool details and finishes."