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Introducing Architecture Adjunct Professor Dewey Thorbeck's book - Rural Design: A New Design Discipline

By Design at Minnesota
Dec 6, '11 12:47 PM EST

Dewey Thorbeck, Adjunct Professor of Architecture, Founder and Director of the Center for Rural Design at the University of Minnesota, and leading expert in the field, is the author of Rural Design: A New Design Discipline - set to hit bookshelves worldwide in January.

Rural areas around the globe are undergoing profound change creating considerable challenges and stress for its residents and on the ecosystems upon which they depend. Rural design brings design thinking and the problem-solving process of design to rural issues, and Thorbeck's book is the first step along the path for rural design to emerge as an important new design discipline.

Thorbeck's book is oriented toward students, academics and design professionals involved with rural design at any level. To pre-order Rural Design: A New Design Discipline, visit the publisher Routledge at the embedded link.

The Center for Rural Design is an award winning, multi-disciplinary research studio, housed jointly at the College of Design and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences at the University of Minnesota. To learn more about their important work, visit their homepage here.

And for more on the School of Architecture, visit them online.