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Architecture Students Design Their Dream Cabins for Cabin Life Magazine

By Design at Minnesota
Nov 1, '12 1:10 PM EST

The October 2012 issue of Cabin Life magazine features work by students from the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota College of Design and North Carolina State University. They were challenged to meet with "clients" and create livable floor plans, sample renderings, and models that transformed an existing property into a cabin oasis. Over 5,000 people voted on the ten finalists selected by architecture professor Dale Mulfinger from the University of Minnesota School of Architecture, and architecture professor Georgia Bizios from the North Carolina State University School of Architecture.

Holly Engle (B.S. Arch '12) took second place in the competition with 24% of the votes. Her model, The Crow's Nest (pictured above), was designed to embrace the changing of the seasons while remaining efficient and sustainable. Ascending towards the top, indoor and outdoor spaces blur together, allowing the environment and the cabin to become one.

Other University of Minnesota architectures students included in the competition were Peter Atkins (B.S. Arch '12), Beth Koeppel (B.S. Arch '12), and Benjamin VandenWymelenberg (B.S. Arch '12).