1:1 arquitetura:design

1:1 arquitetura:design

Brasília Legal, BR


Park Design Hall

The space was designed for entry into the shopping plaza Park Design, located in SGCV, south. And has the focus on the sale of furniture, cars and accessories.
The only guideline weight client was working on a reduced budget for the construction and maintenance. Office as our guideline was to radically change the quality of the space previously offered at the same location.
We did a tribute to Brasilia with contemporary design, art and mixed trace, Brazilianness and sensuality in a metallic space, which prejudice should be cool, dry and rough.
We also seek a material that has history, showing restoration work, which is aged, the right choice was the corten steel, rusted, red and texture, a material that was fully satisfied our demand. The Cobogó used is proudly Brasilia, and the bank art is an invitation to be used.
We work on full scale elements, ports accompanying the ceiling, the sculpture that hangs from the ceiling, the Cobogó format that creates a tiny grouping of weight to compete with the scale of the elements.
The only objective of our space is the EMOTION.

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Status: Built
Location: Brasília, BR
Firm Role: Architecture
Additional Credits: Art of Omar Franco
Photography by Haruo Mikami