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Child of Apartheid Documentary film

By wandile
Oct 16, '20 5:34 PM EST
Child of Apartheid
Child of Apartheid

Child of Apartheid Documentary film

Prepare the popcorn! Obama Leader Wandile Mthiyane stars in Child of Apartheid, a documentary film that follows a group of young resilient social entrepreneurs who decided to use their skills to rewrite history starting from the simple premise, "If Apartheid architecture could be so effective in segregating and oppressing, community-led design can liberate and enable opportunities for all."

A lot of architecture students have great ideas but they don’t have the blueprint, resources, or motivation to carry their visions to fruition. This is a film of a student who defied the odds and he did it with a camera following him so he could now share his journey as a blueprint for other misfits in architecture school. He challenges us on the impact and role of architecture in social justice whilst educating us on the importance of taking care of our mental health.

Check out the film below to follow Wandile's journey as he embarks on a mission to change the future of South Africa, one home at a time.