Tzu Peng Low

Tzu Peng Low

Kuala Lumpur, MY

Concpetual planning of Community Box
Concpetual planning of Community Box
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Urban Regeneration of Millennium Park

KOTAK KOMUNITI serves as a community center of SS13 Subang
where the locals can share ideas and vision of their ideal
neighborhood and community park. It acts as a first step to
activate the underutilized Millennium Park.

The structure was designed to be temporary and will be taken
down in due time. It serves as an experiment to see if properly
designed space actually works for this park and to observe how
locals respond to it. The Kotak is located right at the entrance of
the park to attract curious locals to stop by and experience the

It is divided into 2 levels. The lower level: THE IDEA BOX where
the locals can contribute ideas, community program schedules or
organize street classroom for kids on the community boards and
relax on the playful pallet benches.

The upper level: THE PLAYSCAPE is connected by pallet stairs from
the lower level. It is a playful space to draw people into the park to
have community recreational activities.

Being in an industrial zone, the materials used are locally sourced
industrial materials, for instance, wooden pallets, scaffoldings,
tyres and gunny sacks.It is hoped that the community will be
brought closer together by building this place together.

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Status: Built
Location: Subang Jaya
My Role: Project Architect
Additional Credits: EPIC Communities

Built Community Box for Mpark
Built Community Box for Mpark
IDEA BOX= street classroom
IDEA BOX= street classroom