Tzara Peterson

Tzara Peterson

New York, NY, US

Gateway Terminal from Street
Gateway Terminal from Street
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M.Arch Thesis: Ascent to the City

Buses are the unsung heroes of transportation. Trains and planes
entered our world as heroic feats of technology; buses did not.
Consequently, a powerful inequality exists between the plane and
train architectures versus those for buses. It’s time to elevate the
bus. It needs to ascend.

New York City craves a new architecture for the 2.1 million buses
traversing the Lincoln Tunnel annually. The City’s Port Authority
Bus Gateway is the manifestation of design, engineering and
power of forces it took to create. The Bus Gateway showcases
the context of confirms arrival to an authenticates departure from
New York City.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Thesis Project - Individual Work
Additional Credits: Thesis Advisors: Prof. Jonathan Ochshorn & James Khamsi
Helpers: Paola Cuevas Baez, B.Arch '17 & Jessica Shaowen Jiang, B.Arch '17

Gateway Terminal from Atrium
Gateway Terminal from Atrium