Tej Singh

Tej Singh

Los Angeles, CA, US



I am a driven individual with proven experience in management, education and geography. I am currently working as a Youth Development Professional at the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club Jams Branch. I am looking for a career or experience in geographical information systems, environmental service, philanthropy, non-profit or education. I hope to combine my studies and career path in order to educate the community and youth through geographical information systems. My Interests include exploring the outdoors, preserving and sustaining wildlife and ecosystems through conservation, and reducing the carbon footprint through environmental awareness and education.



Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica Jams Branch, Santa Monica, CA, US, Youth Development Professional

• Conducted and implemented outcome based youth development programming before and after school
• Tutored, mentored, and assisted children in mathematics, language, science, and history
• Responsible for the membership retention, participation, and attendance of middle school students

Sep 2013 - current

UCLA Unicamp, Los Angeles, CA, US, On Site Staff & WALL Advisor

WALL Advisor 2013/Sail Counselor 2012/Head Counselor Assistant 2011/Counselor 2009-10
• Supervised, counseled, and interacted with several groups of kids in various outdoor activities
• Possessed patience, kindness, and consideration in when dealing with people of all ages
• Attended meetings, retreats, and conferences that surmounted over 300 hours of training
• Planned, organized, and executed events on and off campus regarding fundraising and philanthropy
• Maintained membership retention during the program; similar to customer relationship management
• Prepared and served food for 300+ volunteers and kids, three times each day in the summer

Jan 2009 - Aug 2013

Mesa Pizza Company, Santa Barbara, CA, US, Manager

• Took and maintained inventory, prepared order forms and schedules, and oversaw quality of production
• Upheld restaurant health and safety codes while communicating effectively with staff and customers
• Opened and closed the register, provided daily reports of earnings, compiled data sheets for inventory
• Addressed concerns from staff or customers with kindness and consideration in a timely manner

Jun 2005 - Aug 2013

Goleta Union School District, Goleta, CA, US, Instructional Aid

* Collaborated with parents, teachers, psychologists, therapists in constructing the most effective IEPs
* Educated children in mathematics, science, reading, and writing inside and outside of the classroom
* Gave back to the community by working at the same elementary school, which I attended as a child
* Constructed lesson plans to allow primary students with special needs to be in full inclusion classes

Sep 2012 - Jun 2013

ASUCLA Catering, Los Angeles, CA, US, Customer Service Representative

• Upheld sanitation, closing, and quality of production procedures inside and outside of the kitchen
• Reinforced customer service by successfully carrying out deliveries and meeting deadlines
• Effectively communicated with chefs and co-workers to ensure transparency during orders

Sep 2010 - Jun 2012

Culver City High School, Culver City, CA, US, AVID Tutor

• Fostered meaningful discussions in the classroom by tutoring students in high school academics
• Lead learning groups to enable overlap of ideas and collaborative thinking and produced results
• Applied positive reinforcement and instilled self-esteem through collective leadership

Sep 2009 - May 2011


University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA, US, Bachelors, Geography & Environmental Studies

I studied a wide range of geographical and environmental courses in planning, development, conservation, preservation, renewable resources, mapping, sustainability, and alternative forms of energy.

The list of courses I have taken at UCLA is as follows:

Precalculus Math 1 (262-022-202)
Frontiers in Human Aging GE Cluster 80A (226-270-208)
Chemical Principles Chem 17 (142-130-200)
Equilibrium, Acids, & Bases Chem 14A (142-042-200)
Frontiers in Human Aging GE Cluster 80B (226-271-200)
Calculus for Life Science Students Math 3A (262-074-200)
Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, Kinetics, & Organic Chemistry Chem 14B (142-043-220)
Frontiers in Human Aging GE Cluster 80C (226-272-206)
Calculus for Life Science Students Math 3B (262-083-203)
Evolution, Ecology, & Biodiversity Life Sciences 1 (252-003-200)
Probability for Life Sciences Students Math 3C (262-089-200)
Psychological Statistics Psych 100A (328-304-201)
Thermodynamics, Electrochemistry, & Kinetics Chem 14B (142-043-240)
Cells, Tissues, & Organs Life Sciences 2 (252-006-220)
Elementary Spanish Span 3 (349-010-203)
World Regions Geog 6 (207-018-200)
Latin American Social History Hist 8C (221-047-200)
Biodiversity in a Changing World Geog 2 (207-012-110)
Intermediate Spanish Span 4 (349-012-110)
Modern Art Art History 54 (118-270-200)
Analytical Animal Geography Geog 112 (207-371-200)
Intermediate Spanish Span 5 (349-014-204)
People & Earth Ecosystems Geog 5 (207-086-200)
Geography of Extinction Geog 126 (207-483-200)
Brazil Geog 182B (207-755-200)
Music of Africa Ethnomusicology 136A (208-516-200)
Forest Ecosystems Geog 111 (207-369-200)
African Ecology & Development Geog 135 (207-533-200)
Goegraphic Information Systems Geog 7 (207-021-200)
African Ecology & Development Geog 135 (207-550-200)
Population Geography Geog 142 (207-550-200)
Human Impact on Biophysical Environment Geog M109 (207-353-200)
Transformations in the North American Region Geog 119 (207-414-200)
Cultural Geography in the Modern World Geog 133 (207-525-200)
Africa and African Diaspora in the Americas Geog 114 (207-389-200)
Wildlife Conservation in Eastern and Southern Africa Geog 122 (207-457-200)
History of Electronic Dance Music Music Hist 8 (278-024-200)
Cartography Geog 167 (207-665-110)
Introduction to Chicana/Chicano Studies: History and Culture Chicano 10A (144-029-200)
Environmental Modeling Geog 166 (207-663-200)

Sep 2007 - Dec 2011

Areas of Specialization