Truman Gee

Truman Gee

Daytona Beach, FL, US



From site qualification, to establishing and maintaining budgets, to design and design development, to construction documents, to value engineering, to jurisdictional approvals, and through construction; I am an experienced, proven project manager and team leader that gets things done.  But just as importantly, I have demonstrated an ability to motivate and inspire those that work with me to develop their own inner confidence to get things done.  I am a team player, but also very proud of my team building accomplishments and the professional growth of my current and former team members, and consequently the gracious endorsements many of them have given me.


“As a project manager Truman provides one with the opportunity and tools to stretch their abilities and competencies in order to magnify them, for which I am grateful. His unique ability to juggle many projects while still maintaining his composure and charismatic attitude is unfathomable. Clients and coworkers alike are left charmed by his personality and awed by his extensive knowledge of the profession.”                          T..V. –  Current Team Member

“Truman can always be counted on to be in a positive mood, even in high stress situations. He leads by example with his can-do attitude, positive demeanor and composure under pressure, and has impressed me with his seemingly unlimited capacity to multi-task.  His impact on my career will always be appreciated…..”                 J.W.  -  Former Team Member


I have developed exceptional organizational, management, and leadership skills that include creating and managing budgetary spreadsheets, client relations, consultant coordination, and Construction Administration.  I am an accomplished writer and confident with my ability to give presentations.  But my real strengths are with the sticks and bricks; having an innate aptitude for the building sciences, with an eye to value engineering and the return on investments. 


Interplan LLC, Orlando, FL, US, Senior Project Manager

Interplan is a full-service, multi-discipline, development services firm. In my role as a Project Manager and team leader, I have demonstrated the ability, indeed the passion, to effectively manage commercial and restaurant development projects. My training is in Architecture, but my varied background in all aspects of the development process has given me a comprehensive skill set that I use every day in my many projects and programs at Interplan.

o Site Selection and Qualification
o Restaurant Design and Design Development – Front and Back of House
o Construction Documents and Specifications
o Building Codes (UBC, SBC & IBC), ADA, Fire Code (IFC & NFPA) and Health
o Compliance With Local Design Ordinances and Restrictions
o Site and Building Permit Procurement and Expediting
o Construction Estimating and Methods and Materials.
o Construction Management and Contract Administration
o Working knowledge of Autocad, Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, MS Project
o Architectural Photography and Photoshop

I am very comfortable with travel, being a road warrior at heart. My team has developed over 500 projects during my tenure at Interplan, and about 75% of those projects have been restaurants. Most of the projects have been on the East Coast, but many have taken me all over the country. Partial project list:

o Chick-fil-A (180 locations)
o Wendy’s
o Cheeburger Cheeburger
o Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q (60 locations)
o Miller’s Ale House (15 locations)
o Houligan’s (3 locations)
o Village Tavern (4 locations)
o Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
o Copper Canyon Grill
o Ormond Wine Room and Bar
o Peach Valley Café
o Stonewood Grill
o Bonefish Mac's
o Bogard's
o Tony Roma’s
o 7-Eleven (40 locations)
o Speedway/Superamerica (5 locations)
o Goodyear Tire and Service Centers
o Staples Office Supply (15 locations)
o Saks Fifth Avenue
o VHERNIER Jewlery Shops

Jul 1999 - current


The University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas, BArch, Architecture

Sep 1980 - Aug 1984

Areas of Specialization