Trevor Sparks

Trevor Sparks

Versailles, KY, US

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I started my career at the College of Design, held at the accredited University of Kentucky. It lasted four short years. We were first situated with Digital Fabrication (Rhino-3D) and Graphic Design (Adobe Suites). Then we were taught how to organize space (Revit) and seek healthier methods when considering materials. Third, we were focused on formal studies through basswood model fabrication (Woodshop), Disruptive Continuity, and Urban Planning solutions (Kevin Lynch). I graduated with the class of 22' on May 7th with a bachelor's degree in Architecture. I would love to work in design. I am looking for a job that fulfills my desire to heal broken parts of communities, and that brings back a sense of place that connects the most unlikely of friends.



University of Kentucky, Lexington, BArch, Architecture

At the University of Kentucky, we were first taught the graphic design basics paired with CAD design and drawing basics. Next, we were introduced to Form and structure where we created architectural plans which then turned into models via bass wood & laser cutters. Then we were given larger scale sites meant for larger themes of sustainability, the urban fabric, path, nodes, landmarks, edge, and districts.

Aug 2018 - May 2022

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