Trapolin-Peer Architects

Trapolin-Peer Architects

New Orleans, LA


Toulouse Street Residential Complex

The three structures that comprise this residence were built in 1815 and collectively suffered from extensive termite damage and failing foundations. The project called for an extensive exterior restoration with interior renovations that could update the residence with contemporary floor plans and building systems yet satisfy preservation requirements set by the Vieux Carré Commission and the National Park Service.

Internal plan updates included shifting the living area nearer to the courtyard to open onto landscaped exterior space, increasing light and experiential openness. In portions of the house beaded board ceilings were restored and in the living and kitchen area an early-19th-century wood truss structure was re-exposed. The two rear cabinet rooms, a traditional element in colonial architecture in southeastern Louisiana, now house a bathroom and a kitchen. General improvements to all three structures installed new mechanical systems with geothermal heating and cooling elements, and the courtyard renovations introduced new flagstone paving, fountains, exterior lighting, and new planting.

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Status: Built
Location: New Orleans, LA, US
Firm Role: Architect