Trahan Architects

Trahan Architects

New Orleans, LA


Holy Rosary

This rural campus features simple volumes rising out the flat Louisiana landscape to create a strong sense of place. The design presents the spatial embodiment of spiritual experience.

Secular components of the campus occupy the edges and frame a courtyard - the sacred space in which the oratory is located. The oratory, or chapel, is skewed to create a sense of expectation and further underscore its importance. The oratory is a cube with all sides equal in size, color and texture, resulting in an interior space that feels pure, encompassing, protective and mysterious.

A meditative environment is created through balanced spatial relationships; a limited palette of cast-in-place concrete, plate glass and cast glass – and the play of light on these humble materials – create a meditative environment of balanced spatial relationships. Apertures carved from the wall thickness channel beams of natural light across the spaces – yet the source of the beams is obscured, symbolic of the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

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Status: Built
Location: St. Amant, LA
Firm Role: Design Architect & Architect of Record
Additional Credits: Schrenk & Peterson Consulting Engineers; Apex Engineering Corporation; Lauren Bombet Interiors; John Lewis Glass