titusz tarnai

titusz tarnai

Vienna, AT


2 or 3 things we 've learned - exhibition concept and design

Exhibition and shop design for a show at a down town Vienna art gallery, the installation involved various revolving structures, which would accommodate the exhibits. Juxtaposing artistic positions on various media such as video works, photos, sculpture installations and slide projections, to organize the works on two media columns, which could be rotated by the gallery audience, meant to allow for a variety of collisions and encounters of the individual artistic statements. The theme of the exhibition, reviewing questions of revolutionary practice in art was in a very practical and littoral way translated into the gallery space.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
My Role: concept, design, installation
Additional Credits: Nanna Neudeck, co-author
Elke Krasny, Eva Egermann, curators