Tina Townsend Poole

Tina Townsend Poole

Boulder, CO, US


Village at Newtown

Project Manager  for the renovation and addition to an existing retail shopping center. 

Our scope, as the Design Architect, was to provide branding, planning, and building design for a 60,000sf, 4 building group and design assistance on the renovation of a100,00sf, 2 building renovation. We also provided renderings used to attract national and international retailers to the buildings. I coordinated the three contracted areas of design - building design, signage design, and Urban Interiors for the new buildings as well as the renovation. I also worked as the design review during the AOR completion of construction documents and during construction.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Newtown, PA, US
My Role: Project Manager for design from client contact through construction.
Additional Credits: This project was completed while working with 505Design.