Tina Hovsepian, AIA

Tina Hovsepian, AIA

Culver City, CA, US


Brooks Residence

Outstanding Single Family Project – Brooks Residence (architect Isabelle Duvivier): Located in Venice, Calif., the Brooks Residence is a 1,700 sq. ft. LEED Platinum home. Homeowner and architect, Isabelle Duvivier, purchased the 100-year-old home in a well-established, low-income neighborhood in order to restore it. The goal was to reduce the footprint/impact of the house on the planet through water, energy and material efficiency. Above and beyond that goal, the home design works to restore habitats for birds, bees and butterflies and creates educational opportunities for the local community.



The main design strategy for this second story addition/remodel is to improve the existing plan by creating a more contemporary and environmentally responsive design. The existing first floor was opened up to provide a larger living room and kitchen and to increase the amount of natural light and ventilation throughout the house. The design incorporates the following environmental green building techniques:

This home is 52% more efficient than the average new California home and features:
• Quality Insulation Installation (Q.I.I.),
• high efficiency appliances,
• Energy Star lighting package,
• 4kw solar panel system,
• natural heating and cooling,
• natural daylighting and
• 95% LED lighting
• large overhangs.

This project conserves water and prevents stormwater runoff from leaving the site using:
• 2 cisterns collect 800 gallons of rainwater
• vegetated swales were designed and built
• 84% permeable surfaces + 16% impermeable surfaces directed to infiltration features= 100%
• graywater recycling system
• 91% native, drought-tolerant plants.

This project minimizes waste and use of raw materials and eliminates toxins by:
• 100yr old existing 2 x 4s re-used to make door jambs and stairs
• existing floor was preserved
• construction waste was recycled
• only sustainable materials were selected
• biodegradable waste will be composted

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Status: Built
Location: Venice, CA, US
My Role: Aided in final details for sustainable landscape design and LEED points coordination.
Additional Credits: Isabelle Duvivier, Owner & Architect
Loren Perry, Designer
David Lau, Engineer
Walker Wells, Green Rater
Rick Arreola, General Contractor
Martifer Solar