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    Welcome and Hello

    By TAB1006
    Mar 21, '17 2:03 PM EST

    First blog posts are always so tedious, especially for a first time blogger. What to say? how to compose it? Do I ask questions? or make philosophical insights to who I am?

    All good ideas, however I believe the best way is to say hello and good day to you, and thank you for reading my first ever blog! I hope this to be a insight to my journey over the next five years towards my goal of licensure and from there, a long successful career pursuing my passion for architecture and the habitable expression of design.

    I will issue warning as well that like all people, I have good days where everything is bright and hopeful, and bad days where life, the universe and everything looks gray and bleak. This will be an honest forum for all aspects of my journey and hope you will bear with me and take my ramblings, outcries and celebrations with a grain of salt. I accept and thrive on all forms of constructive criticisms and critiques as with all things in architecture, the final form is never the initial concept. I hope this blog can follow suit, adapting, evolving with every iteration and will help you the readers and myself, grow and learn from the insights provided.

    What form and style this blog will be remains to be determined, one day could be an inspirational story, another day could yield insights to the projects I'm working on, where I am in my journey or maybe a piece of advice I was given. It could be a review of a local piece of architecture I found appealing (or appalling) or one I found while traveling. I could also post an article that interests me, something that would help myself and others find their own path.

    In the end, my hope is that a 35 year old, non-traditional student of architecture, can find commonality amongst the masses of professionals in this field, that there are others who tread the same path or hope to one day and that we, as a community, can relate to  and help each other along this journey.

    I've always found that ending with a quote can be a powerful, thought inducing way to end a paper, allowing the reader to glimpse the authors intent and inspirations, so with that I leave you with one of my favorite idols.

    "Around here we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney

     Keep moving forward fellow travelers.


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This is an account of my journey towards licensure, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. At 35, many people, including myself at times, doubt that completion of the journey I started nearly a decade ago can be obtained. But here I am, with 2 years of school and all of my internship ahead of me, finally working in a firm after escaping the world of retail. May these thoughts serve as inspiration for those in doubt, encourage supportive wisdom, and of course, an outlet for frustration!

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